Oiceoptoma inaequalis

Ridged Carrion Beetle

Oiceoptoma inaequalis , Ridged Carrion Beetle






Family: Silphidae

Subfamily: Silphinae

Length: 8.5-14.5 mm

This black beetle has sharply ridged elytra, and a large pronotum that angles downward from its base. The elytral apex is rounded in males, but in females it appears diagonal when viewed from above.

Oiceoptoma inaequalis has an unusual defense. When it flies, it holds its elytra over its back like a resting butterfly. The undersides of the elytra are thus exposed and are bright metallic blue, and they make the insect appear much bigger than it really is. When the beetle lands it puts the elytra down, and the large metallic blue area disappears. Any predator that had been following the apparently large blue metallic beetle would be confused by its sudden disappearance.

In 1919 M.T. Goe documented the life cycle of this species. Among the findings:

As with other Carrion Beetles, the larvae feed on carrion while adults usually feed on the larvae of flies that are feeding on carrion.

Another species of this genus found in West Virginia is Oiceoptoma noveboracense.

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