Neolema sexpunctata

Six-Spotted Dayflower Beetle

Neolema sexpunctata mating, photo, subfamily Criocerinae



Family: Chrysomelidae

Subfamily: Criocerinae

Length: 5-6 mm


This beetle is found almost exclusively on Asiatic Dayflower and a few other members of the Spiderwort family. While larvae have been successful reared in the laboratory on a diet of lettuce, in the wild they seem to feed exclusively on Spiderworts.


Neolema sexpunctata image, Asiatic Dayflower Leaf Beetle

Right: The legs and antennae are dark. Each elytron has a humeral spot plus two others; these other two spots are often joined across the suture. The elytra are a shiny red-orange and have regular rows of deep punctures.

Neolema sexpunctata range map, West Virginia

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Neolema sexpunctata range map

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