Laemophloeus fasciatus

Lined Flat Bark Beetle

Laemophloeus fasciatus, Lined Flat Bark Beetle photo

Family: Laemophloeidae

Subfamily: none defined in Laemophloeidae

Length: 3.0-4.5 mm


The Lined Flat Bark Beetles family has a descriptive common name, since its members are flattened for life under bark, and the elytra are impressed with striae. Also look for impressed lines toward the sides of the head and pronotum, and for long antennae.

Some members of the family are predacious, while others feed on fungi. A few species, including one in the genus Laemophloeus, are pests of stored grains.

Laemophloeus fasciatus is found under bark, as is its congener, Laemophloeus biguttatus. Note, however, that L. biguttatus has the elytral punctation much more dense.

Laemophloeus fasciatus, Lined Flat Bark Beetle, Head and pronotum


Left: it is easy to see the resemblance of L. fasciatus (shown here) to another West Virginia underbark species, Cucujus clavipes. At one time the two species were included in the same family, Cucujidae.


Laemophloeus fasciatus, Lined Flat Bark BeetleRight: Laemophloeus fasciatus is one flat beetle, well-prepared for moving between the bark and the trunk of a dead tree.

Laemophloeus fasciatus range map

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