Lacon marmorata

Marbled Click Beetle

Marbled Elater, Lacon marmorata image






Family: Elateridae

Subfamily: Agrypninae

Length: 15-18 mm


The Marbled Click Beetle is a large beetle found in moist woods, living under the bark of logs, or under bark on an upright dead tree. Look for brownish to dark reddish brown coloration, with yellowish scales that form blotches on the elytra. Both the elytra and pronotum have coarse, dense punctures. A deep groove is at the center of the pronotum, paralleling the sides.

These beetles are sometimes gregarious, and may be found with others of their species, or sometimes with other species of Click Beetle. Across the United States, the Marbled Click Beetle is found from New England to North Carolina, and west to Indiana, Iowa, and Texas.

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