Ischyrus quadripunctatus

Four-Spotted Pleasing Fungus Beetle

Ischyrus quadripunctatus, Erotylidae photo

Family: Erotylidae

Subfamily: Tritominae

Length: 5-9 mm


At 5 to 9 mm in length, this species is larger than most members of the Pleasing Fungus Beetle family. Look for the four dark spots on the pronotum. The many spots on the elytra often merge to form black bands. As with other members of the family, the apical three antennal segments form a club.

This beetle is reasonably common, typically found feeding in groups on fungi that is growing under bark.

Ischyrus quadripunctatus, Subfamily Tritominae image


The beetle above was attracted to lights, while those at right were feeding together on under-bark fungus.

Ischyrus quadripunctatus range map

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