Larva, Family Buprestidae

Metallic Wood-Boring Beetles / Flat-headed Borers

Buprestid Beetle larva, Family Buprestidae

The larvae of Buprestid Beetles are called Flat-headed Borers because of the broad, flat shape of the thorax.

In most species, the larvae tunnel in the sapwood of logs and dead trees. When they bore in recently felled saw logs they do considerable economic damage. Buprestid larvae are second only to Cerambycid larvae in terms of damage to the timbering industry.

Bellamy and Nelson, writing the family treatment in American Beetles (2002), note that some Buprestid larva mine in leaves, a few feed in pine cones, and some produce galls on Rose, Alder, Hornbeam, and Hazelnut.