Hippodamia parenthesis

Parenthesis Lady Beetle

Hippodamia parenthesis photo, Parenthesis Lady Beetle

Family: Coccinellidae

Subfamily: Coccinellinae

Length: 4-6 mm


The common name derives from the spot shaped like a parenthesis at the apex of each elytron, although note that occasionally this spot is smaller or broken up into more than one spot. Along the base of the elytra look for a round spot at each shoulder, and a triangular spot that straddles the elytra in the area of the scutellum.

Like so many of the Ladybird Beetles, this species ranges widely. The map below shows states, provinces, and territories that have reported Hippodamia parenthesis over the years. In some cases the species has grown scarce or even become extirpated in certain areas. For example, Majka notes the last record of Hippodamia parenthesis in Nova Scotia was in 1961.


Hippodamia parenthesis range map

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