Graphisurus fasciatus

Banded Graphisurus

Graphisurus fasciatus photo, Long-horned Beetle family image





Family: Cerambycidae

Subfamily: Lamiinae

Length: 8-15 mm


Graphisurus fasciatus is a dark beetle with gray to light brown pubescent mottling on the elytra. The antennae are banded with white, and the legs are mottled with white. Typically there is one large dark spot on the anterior part of each elytron, and one on the posterior part.

Graphisurus fasciatus is a common and widespread species that attracts a lot of attention not only because of the very long antennae, but because of the female's long, prominent pygidium. (The pygidium is the rearmost segment of the abdomen.) The larvae feed on various hardwoods; adults may be attracted to lights.

This species was placed in genus Graphisurus for many years, but then a 1995 publication placed it in a new genus,Urographis. A 2008 publication restored the species to Graphisurus.

Graphisurus fasciata range map

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