Glischrochilus sanguinolentus

Sap-Feeding Beetle

Glischrochilus sanguinolentus, Sap-Feeding Beetle






Family: Nitidulidae

Subfamily: Cryptarchinae

Length: 4.4-6.4 mm


Adult Glischrochilus sanguinolentus are found under bark. We have found and photographed them there in Upshur County in April, and in Tucker County in September.

The larvae are cream colored, 8 mm in length. The head, pronotum, and the ninth segment of the abdomen is a honey brown. According to US Forest Service pamphlets, Glischrochilus sanguinolentus is one of the primary vectors of Oak Wilt mats.

Scientists at Ohio State University collected this species using a bait of rotting cantaloupe (Peng and Williams, 1990a).

In a laboratory study of Glischrochilus sanguinolentus published in 1990, Peng and Williams made up some "Beetle Chow" from Torula yeast and a prune-tomato paste. While certain related species flourished eating this chow, Glischrochilus sanguinolentus suffered high mortality. Nevertheless, some did reproduce, and the authors reported an average development time, from oviposition to the final molt, of 49.7 days.

A related species also present in the Mountain State is Glischrochilus quadrisignatus.

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