Dicerca lurida

Metallic Wood-Boring Beetle

Dicerca lurida, Metallic Wood-Boring Beetle photo



Family: Buprestidae

Subfamily: Chrysochroinae

Length: 12-20 mm


This species breeds in a variety of hardwoods, including Hickory species.

Adults are most commonly encountered in West Virginia on warm afternoons in April and May, when they are sunning on tree trunks or logs.

While the life history is imperfectly known, it appears to take at least three years for beetles in this genus to pass through the larval stages, pupate, and reproduce.

Image of the face of Dicerca lurida, Metallic Wood-Boring Beetle



Left: A view of the "face" of Dicerca lurida. The color of this species ranges from brassy greenish to dark coppery.

Another Dicerca found in West Virginia is Dicerca divaricata.

Lateral view, Dicerca lurida, Metallic Wood-Boring Beetle


Right: Lateral view of Dicerca lurida on a tree trunk.






Dicerca lurida range map

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