Curculio cf. obtusus

Nut Weevil

Nut weevil photo, genus Curculio, subfamily Curculioninae






Family: Curculionidae

Subfamily: Curculioninae

Usually 5-12 mm


Around a dozen species of Nut Weevil in the genus Curculio live in West Virginia or nearby states. It should prove fairly easy to identify specimens to genus, but its often hard to identify them to species.

The typical Nut Weevil has a robust body and a long slender snout (rostrum, as it is called among weevil specialists). In females this rostrum is especially long, often longer than the beetle's body. The apex of the female's rostrum includes cutting apparatus that allows the drilling of a deep hole in the nut; eggs are then laid in the hole. Various species specialize in the nuts or acorns of particular species. As with other members of the weevil family, so among the Nut Weevils the antennae arise from the rostrum. In Nut Weevils the antennae are slender and have an oval, ringed club.

Downie & Arnett (1996) list these Curculio species with West Virginia records. The primary food plants are also given:

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