Cucujus clavipes

Red Flat Bark Beetle

Cucujus clavipes, Red Flat Bark Beetle photo






Family: Cucujidae

Subfamily: None defined in Cucujidae

Length: 10-14 mm


Cucujus clavipes is beautifully colored in bright red. The antennae, tibiae, and tarsi are black. The head is widest behind the eyes.

Head and pronotum of Cucujus clavipesThis species is economically beneficial, with both larvae and adults predacious on beetle species that damage timber stands. The flattened body shape allows Cucujus clavipes to move around under bark, and even to move into the tunnels of wood borers and bark beetles, where it stalks its prey.

Adults overwinter under bark, singly or in groups.

Below: their flat design allows Cucujus clavipes to travel in narrow galleries or crevices in wood.


Cucujus clavipes navigating a crevice in wood


Ventral view, Cucujus clavipes, Red Flat Bark Beetle


Right: Ventral view of Cucujus clavipes. The abdomen is dark. Note the femora, which give the species its name clavipes, or club-shaped.

Cucujus clavipes range map

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