Chrysomela knabi

American Willow Leaf Beetle

Chrysomela knabi photo, Willow Leaf Beetle



Family: Chrysomelidae

Subfamily: Chrysomelinae

Length: 6-8 mm


Chrysomela knabi feeds on Willow, though it has occasionally been reported feeding on Tulip Poplar, another member of the Willow family.

The antennae are black at the base and apices, and light brown on the center segments. The pronotum is black at the center and tan at the sides, while the tan areas each have a small black dash that is connected to the black areas.

The elytra are orange, punctate, with black markings.

Chrysomela knabi is among the very first adult beetles to be out and active in West Virginia in the spring, as the willows are among the first trees to leaf out.

Chrysomela knabi range map, West Virginia

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Chrysomela knabi range map

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