Chrysobothris sp.

Buprestid Beetle

Chrysobothris sp., Buprestid Beetle

Family: Buprestidae

Subfamily: Buprestinae

Length: typically 5-16 mm in the genus


Chrysobothris is a large genus made up of more than 130 species in America North of Mexico. Most are bronzy, sometimes with a green or purple reflex.

Members of the genus have eyes that come close together on the vertex; the space between the eyes there is less than or equal to the width of an eye.

The scutellum is large and tapers to a slender point. The elytra have characteristic foveae (the depressed spots visible in the photo) and ridges.

The beetle shown here is close to Chrysobothris femorata, the Flat-headed Apple Tree Borer. Larvae in the femorata group burrow in the wood of hardwood species including fruit trees. Adults are sometimes seen basking in the sun on a log or tree trunk.