Chalepus walshii

Hispine Beetle

Chalepus walshii photo, Hispine Beetle

Family: Chrysomelidae

Subfamily: Hispinae

Length: 5-7 mm


The Leaf Beetles in the subfamily Hispinae almost all have deeply textured elytra, and Chalepus walshii is no exception.

One way to separate Chalepus from similar genera is by the clypeus, which is black and punctate in Chalepus.

Like other Hispine Beetles, this species is a leaf miner, feeding in the larval stage between the upper and lower surfaces of a leaf. Food plants for Chalepus walshii include grasses such as Virginia Wild Rye, Elymus virginicus.

In West Virginia, the adults of this species are most often encountered in May, June, and July.

Chalepus walshii range map

 A note about our maps

Note: in the above map, the blue color signifies subspecies C. w. sayi, while green is for C. w. walshii.

Chalepus walshi range map, West Virginia

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