Brachys aerosus

Metallic Wood-Boring Beetle

Brachys aerosus, Buprestid Beetle






Family: Buprestidae

Subfamily: Agrilinae

Length: 4.0-4.5 mm

The larvae of Brachys aerosus mine in oak leaves, feeding in the area between the leaf's upper and lower surfaces. Adults may be found on the leaves of Oak and other hardwoods.

When Brachys aerosus pulls in its legs and antennae, as the one in the photo is doing, it looks more like a seed husk than a beetle.

Three species of Brachys have been reported from West Virginia, and maps covering records of all three are provided below.

Brachys aerosus range map, West Virginia Brachys aeruginosus range map, West Virginia Brachys ovatus range map, West Virginia
Brachys aerosus
Brachys aeruginosus
Brachys ovatus
Brachys aerosus range map Brachys aeruginosus range map Brachys ovatus range map

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