Bolbocerosoma farctum

Earth-boring Dung Beetle

Bolbocerosoma farctum, Earth-boring Dung Beetle image


Family: Geotrupidae

Subfamily: Bolboceratinae

Length: 9-13 mm


Bolbocerosoma farctum is not easily confused with any other species from our area. It is a stout-bodied beetle, yellowish-brown to reddish brown and marked in black as shown. Tiny punctures make up the elytral striations.

Experts have disagreed over whether the Earth-Boring Dung Beetle group should be its own family, Geotrupidae, or a subfamily of the Scarab Beetles.

Adult beetles in this group live most of their lives in underground burrows. They may not be uncommon, but their paths seldom seem to cross the paths of humans. Depending on the species, beetles in this group provision burrows with food for the larvae, either dung, carrion, leaf litter, or humus. The burrows may be as deep as 35 inches.

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