Euparius marmoreus

Marbled Fungus Weevil

Euparius marmoreus, Marbled Fungus Weevil photo


Family: Anthribidae

Subfamily: Anthribinae

Length: 4.5-8.5 mm



Members of this family are similar to the Snout Beetles (Family Curculionidae) but the beak is noticeably flattened. Anthribids are specialists in feeding on fungi, with both larva and adults feeding there. A few species also feed on pollen.

Look for the adults on fungi, especially bracket fungi, and sitting on dead limbs. Downie and Arnett report that Fungus Weevils are often found at rest on the underside of tree trunks that have fallen but haven't yet managed to reach the ground.

The species Euparius marmoreus is a sooty brown beetle with a mottling of lighter scales. The whitest scales are on the flattened beak and the apical portion of the pronotum, also in two spots toward the middle of the elytra. Colors form rings on the legs.

Euparius marmoreus has prominent oval eyes. The antennae are clubbed.

Euparius marmoreus range map

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