Alobates pennsylvanica

False Mealworm Beetle

Alobates pennsylvanica photo, False Mealworm Beetle





Family: Tenebrionidae

Subfamily: Coelometopinae

Length: 20-24 mm

This is among the larger beetles routinely found under bark in West Virginiathe length is typically over 20 mm. Often when bark is pulled away, one sees many individuals of this species living in close proximity to each other. Adults as well as the larvae are predators on other insects.

Spelling note: while many insects have a species name of pensylvanica, this species flaunts Latin's disdain of double consonants and spells it pennsylvanica. While it is true that Nomina Insecta Nearctica lists the name with a single n, but nearly all other sources use two for this species.
Alobates pennsylvanica face, False Mealworm Beetle image

Left: the face of a beetle flattened for life under bark.

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