Polyamia interrupta

Deltocephaline Leafhopper

Polyamia interrupta, Leafhopper

Family: Cicadellidae

Subfamily: Deltocephalinae

Length: 2.6-3.1 mm


Polyamia is a New World genus, with some 40 species living from New Brunswick to Chile.

Polyamia interrupta has the most sharply pointed head in the genus.

There are no published records of Polyamia spp. from West Virginia. Sinada and Blocker (1994) report these species living in a state or states near West Virginia:


The photographs on this page were made from August to October in Upshur County. At right, the hopper is resting on the bristly leaf of a Squash plant.
Polyamia interrupta, Leafhopper, face


Left: the face of Polyamia interrupta.


Also on the Insects of West Virginia website is a photograph of the nymph of Polyamia interrupta or a closely related species.

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