Gyponana sp.

Gyponine Leafhopper

Gyponana sp., Leafhopper dorsal photo

Family: Cicadellidae

Subfamily: Gyponinae

Length: typically 9.5-11.0 mm


Leafhoppers in the genus Gyponana are large and robust. There are 49 species in America north of Mexico, and most of the species closely resemble each other.

Leafhopper in genus Gyponana


In genus Gyponana, the head is narrower than the pronotum, and the two ocelli are close set, straddling the midline of the vertex.

Lateral view, Gyponana cf. serpenta



A trait of genus Gyponana is the sharp margin of the head, and the nearly horizontal face. The leafhopper at left may be Gyponana serpenta, a forest dweller.

Gyponana sp., Lateral view of Leafhopper



An energetic collecting program in 45 West Virginia counties in 1978 and 1979, led by J.W. Begley and L. Butler, turned up these Gyponana species:

Insects of West Virginia