Genea texensis

Tachinid Fly

Genea texensis, Tachinid Fly

Family: Tachinidae

Subfamily: Dexiinae

Length: typically 6-8 mm


Genea texensis has long antennae, and the arista are long as well. The third antennal segment is orange at the base, but otherwise is darkened, with the darkened area reaching almost to the arista dorsally.

The abdomen is yellow to yellow-orange, and the second and third segments have a medial dark spot. The second, third, and fourth segments usually have a small, dark, lateral spot.

Hosts of Genea texensis are caterpillars of Pyralid and Tortricid moth species (Arnaud, 1978).

James (1947) mentions records from Connecticut, District of Columbia, Maine, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Vermont, and Virginia, and posits that the overall range extends "from Quebec to Virginia and Texas." O’Hara and Wood (2004) list these additional states and provinces: Florida, Michigan, Mississippi, New Brunswick, North Carolina, Ontario, Quebec. We have photographed this species several times in West Virginia.

At one time this species was placed in the genus Dejeaniopalpus.

Genea texensis lateral view, Tachinidae

Above: Elongated palpi are one of the characteristics of Genea texensis

Genea texensis face, Tachinid Fly

Above: In Genea texensis, both the antennae and the arista are long.

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