Eristalis transversa

Drone Fly / Hover Fly

Eristalis transversa, Hover Fly in family Syrpidae


Family: Syrphidae

Subfamily: Eristalinae

Length: typically 9-11 mm


This species has a large range, being found in most states from Oklahoma and Iowa eastward, and it is also found in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

Viewed dorsally, the thorax of Eristalis transversa is grayish on the front half, and black on the rear.

Eristalis transversa is generally classed as a Honeybee mimic. Rashed et al. (2008) found that the species produces a loud buzzing when handled, a sound distinct from its flight sound, and considerably louder. On the other hand, Rashed and co-authors noted that the sounds produced by Eristalis transversa were not terribly similar to the sound of a real Honeybee. Their general conclusion based on work with a number of species was that Syrphid Fly bee mimics sound more like other Syrphid Fly bee mimics than they sound like the bees they visually resemble.


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