Belvosia sp.

Tachinid Fly

Family: Tachinidae

Subfamily: Goniinae

Length: typically 16-19 mm


Flies in the genus Belvosia all have gold pruinescence on the fifth abdominal tergite, and often on the fourth too.

Species in the genus Belvosia parasitize the larvae and pupae of moths in a variety of families. Sphingidae and Satuniidae are among the most important host families; other parasitized Lepidopteran families include Noctuidae, Hesperiidae, and Citheroniidae (Arnaud, 1978).

Belvosia flies are at their peak adult numbers in West Virginia from early July through mid-August.

Belvosia sp., Tachinid Fly, Subfamily Goniinae

Belvosia sp. face, Subfamily Goniinae

Insects of West Virginia