Zygogramma suturalis

Ragweed Leaf Beetle

Zygogramma suturalis, Ragweed Leaf Beetle photo

Family: Chrysomelidae

Subfamily: Chrysomelinae

Length: 5-7 mm


Zygogramma suturalis is often found on Ragweed in rich, moist habitats. In the fall it may be seen visiting Goldenrod flowers.

The dark areas often have a bronze luster, or occasionally greenish. The elytral punctures are in distinct rows, though towards the edges they are less regular. The last section of each tarsus has a distinct tooth on its ventral side (Downie and Arnett, 1996).

The adults of this species are found most commonly in the Mountain State in June, July, and August.



Zygogramma suturalis range map, West Virginia
Zygogramma suturalis range map