Penthe pimelia

Polypore Fungus Beetle

Penthe pimelia, Polypore Fungus Beetle photo






Family: Tetratomidae

Subfamily: Penthinae

Length: 10-14 mm


In West Virginia Penthe pimelia adults may be found year-round under the bark of dead trees, or feeding in woody fungi.

There are two species of Penthe. The other, Penthe obliquata, may well include West Virginia in its range; it looks similar but has an orange scutellum.Penthe pimelia, image of head and pronotum

Right: Detail of the head and pronotum of Penthe pimelia. Note the sinuate pronotum where it meets the elytra, and also the reddish tip of the antenna.

Penthe pimelia range map

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