Cryptocephalus guttulatus

Fourteen-Spotted Leaf Beetle

Fourteen-Spotted Leaf Beetle, Cryptocephalus guttulatus, Cryptocephalinae




Family: Chrysomelidae

Subfamily: Cryptocephalinae

Length: 4-6 mm

This well-marked beetle has been reported on a variety of plants, including (in southern states) Cotton and Okra. In West Virginia youre more likely to find it feeding on Persimmon, Black Walnut, or on Oaks or Hickories.

Depending on just how you do the counting, this beetle has seven or eight yellow spots on the elytra, and rows of elytra punctures. The pronotum, legs, and bases of the antennae are a light reddish brown, while the apices of the antennae are dark.

Cryptocephalus guttulatus range map, West Virginia Cryptocephalus guttulatus range map


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