Colaspis brunnea

Grape Leaf Beetle

Colaspis brunnea photo, Grape Leaf Beetle, Eumolpinae

Family: Chrysomelidae

Subfamily: Eumolpinae

Length: 4-5 mm


Two species of this genus are confirmed in West Virginia, though others may possibly occur. The other confirmed species, Colaspis favosa, has been reported from Nicholas County, but note that the elytra of C. favosa are brightly colored (usually green), and don't have the alternating light and dark elytral stripes.

While the common name of Colaspis brunnea refers to grape, in fact this species may be found on a variety of plants. The one shown here was photographed at lights.

The elytra feature rows of punctures, and alternating light and dark stripes. The pronotum is considerably wider than long, and is punctate. The pronotum is widest behind the midpoint. The eyes are dark and the legs light colored. The antennae are light colored but their apices may be darker.

Colaspis brunnea range map, West Virginia Colaspis brunnea range map

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