Cerotoma trifurcata

Bean Leaf Beetle

Cerotoma trifurcata photo, Bean Leaf Beetle





Family: Chrysomelidae

Subfamily: Galerucinae

Length: 3.5-5.5 mm


Cerotoma trifurcata is associated with the legume family, Fabaceae. The host plants range from lima beans to wild clovers. Any deviation from this beetle's habit of feeding on legumes generally occurs in the early Spring before very many legumes are available.

The elytra are at their widest behind the middle, and are yellow, red, or orange. The elytra are punctate. The head is black.

The markings can be quite variable. A large black spot takes in the scutellum. Typically there are three other black spots on each elytron, and typically the elytral edges are black. Some beetles have reduced black markings, but the scutellum is always black. The antennae are light-colored at the base and darker toward the apices.

Cerotoma trifurcata range map, West Virginia
Cerotoma trifurcata range map

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