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Fleas Morphology

Recent (after Snograss, 1946) studies of flea morphology were devoted to the anatomy and sensory organs of different imago segments. The head anatomy were studied in a number of species of fleas (Wenk, 1953; Amrine and Lewis, 1978; Wachmann, 1972).

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The Infraorders of Siphonaptera

1. Infraorder PULICOMORPHA S.G. Medvedev, 1998 This infraorder includes 5 superfamilies: Pulicoidea Billberg, 1820 (Pulicidae and Tungidae Taschenberg, 1880), Malacopsylloidea Baker, 1905 (Malacopsyllidae and Rhopalopsyllidae Oudemans, 1909), Vermipsylloidea Wagner, 1889 (Vermipsyllidae), Coptopsylloidea Wagner, 1928 (Coptopsyllidae), and Ancistropsylloidea Toumanoff et Fuller, 1947 (Ancistropsyllidae).

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Fleas Taxonomy & Phylogeny

The Siphonaptera, or fleas, are one of the major groups of blood-sucking insects. They belong to holometabolic insects, as like as Diptera, Lepidoptera, etc. Fleas form a separate well-differentiated order, although phylogenetically they are regarded to be closer to Diptera and Mecoptera. At present approximately 2000 species and subspecies of fleas are known. Adult fleas […]

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