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Fleabusters offers many in-home services to help keep you and your pets happy: Rx for Fleas Plus, Rx for Mites, BioBusters, General Pest Control, Carpet Cleaning. Contact us for more detailed information about it.

Rx for Fleas Plus

Let our technicians create a flea-free environment in your home. Our powder is applied to all areas of your home (carpets, cracks and crevices) by a licensed service technician who will ensure a quality application. Depending on the size of your home, the application usually takes between one and two hours to complete.

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Rx for Mites

Allergy sufferers know that dust mites can cause allergens in the home that are unbearable to live with.  Our technicians are trained to use a state-of-the art technique to bring you relief.

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Don’t use a harsh chemical insecticide to treat your yard.  Try BioBusters®and rid your yard of fleas the natural way.

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Service Locations

There are many Fleabusters full service locations conveniently located around the United States.

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General Pest Control

Many Fleabusters locations are now offering expanded pest control services.  They are treating pests such as roaches, ants and spiders. Check with your local Fleabusters office to see if these services are being offered.

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Carpet Cleaning

Our revolutionary cleaning method cleans horizontally to the floor – not vertically like conventional extractors. The results give you up to 50% more soil removal and elimination of stubborn stains that do not reappear. Plus, we offer The HOST dry extraction carpet cleaning system.

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